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If you’re like most American women, you believe that if you’re applying SPF daily, you’re ahead of the game and doing your part to keep your skin healthy.

(And if you’re not applying SPF daily yet, we have bigger topics to discuss. Perhaps, take a read on the Huffington Post later to put a good scare in you.)

But for now, let’s assume that you’ve accepted that daily SPF protection is the bare minimum to a serious skin care routine. But where do you go from there?

We at NuFACE are uniquely qualified to claim the title of beautiful skin experts from SoCal; we are exposed to the sun year-round and have learned a thing or two about getting and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin.


Being in the beauty business and in Southern California puts us smack in the epicentre where everyone wants beautiful skin with a healthy glow 365 days of the year.

With Hollywood starlet’s influencing so much of our fashion and lifestyle, combined with living under the warm sun even during the Winter solstice, you can imagine how much we focus on beautiful skin. The SoCal lifestyle encourages short sleeves, deep V’s, short skirts, sheer materials and shorts all year-long.

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Nowhere else in the world is there the same level of sun exposure, combined with the cultural expectation of baring your skin to fit with the local lifestyle.


SoCal sunbathing



Even from the very beginning, in the warm garage of Carol Cole’s beach bungalow in Encinitas, CA where NuFACE was first born, we have been skin experts with a special appreciation for preventing and addressing sun damage to the skin.

Carol Cole, NuFACE

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As an esthetician at the famed Golden Door Spa in Southern California, where she specialized in microcurrent facials, Carol saw amazing results on her clients. She, along with her daughters Tera and Kimberly, grew up in the SoCal sun where Carol soon accepted that sun protection alone was not enough to have gorgeous skin.

Stimulating collagen and elastin production from within is key to great skin at any age. Protecting it is important, but if you don’t have those basic building blocks, you will not have healthy, beautiful skin.


Carol quickly discovered that microcurrent stimulates collagen and elastin production in addition to many other visible benefits. Armed with this innovative technology, Carol created NuFACE’s first device which is now called Trinity and the original gel primer that conducts the microcurrent.

If you’re new to the topic, learn more about microcurrent technology here.

Now, her clients could have an affordable at-home skin care treatment to use whenever they wanted, in the comfort of their own homes. The business quickly moved from the garage and into our first office within two years and the NuFACE family has been growing steadily ever since.


The standards for great skin are through the roof where we live. Everyone has a dermatologist they love who they rely on for their laser treatments, chemical peels, injections and lots of face lifts.

Our unique SoCal lifestyle has led to clients paying for expensive skin-related cosmetic treatments more than anywhere else in the country. Showing skin like we do means that not only does our skin have to look great, but we have to be vigilant that it stays healthy too!

So if this is the norm for many SoCAL women, then why would they want NuFACE? If going in for the big guns is as common as having a Starbucks gift card for these skin-obsessed SoCal women, then why would they care about microcurrent?

Because it works.

And for as much as we are obsessed with our skin and wanting to look as young and vibrant as possible, SoCal women also want to look natural. Especially the younger generation of 20 and 30 somethings. Many of our clients live clean lives with vegan diets and alkaline water and the idea of injecting poison or foreign ingredients into their faces is a turn off.

SoCal Babe at the beach with her pup


We’ve all seen what bad plastic surgery looks like several years later which is why the younger, beauty-savvy SoCal women are starting to strengthen their skin’s collagen and elastin production earlier than later. They are learning from their Asian sisters who seemed to have learned quicker than the rest of the world, that the skin needs more than just SPF to keep their collagen and elastin levels high.

Beautiful skin in SoCal is like a great pair of jeans. You just have to have it.



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