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You’ve got your tickets booked and itinerary planned. As your trip approaches consider these tips for traveling like a boss this summer.


These celebs have mastered the effortless traveler look with their perfect blend of comfort and style.

Check out our picks for best dressed celebs on the go for in-flight fashion inspiration.

Blake Lively in white on white travel attire.


Blake Lively is one of our favorite fashionistas whose femme style has us cruising our closets for every white piece we can find. Not to mention her cinched coat is the icing on the cake that really puts this look in the upper echelon of style envy.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley travels in style.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley achieves peak chic in this two-tone getup. No doubt she travels like a boss!

Reese Witherspoon travels in comfy yet stylish attire.


While most believe Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong in the style sense, we’re thinking it’s kind of wrong of her to look so sophisticated and put together in this denim + black ensemble that has us wondering how she looks so refreshed leaving the international terminal for what was no doubt a long flight.

Heidi Klum layers black on black for the most chic airport attire.


Heidi Klum takes the top spot for most chic layering of black on black we could find. Her airport attire is both chic and stylish and is giving us cause to dig up our most luxe travel-friendly leathers.


Did you notice any common themes amongst our fave fashionistas? We did.

If you want to travel like a boss, you’ve got to pack these sine qua non styles


An essential to not only protecting your pretty eyes from the sun (thus preventing squinting which leads to fine lines and wrinkles – blasphemy!), but a good pair of shades are also critical for portraying that boss lady vibe.

These little cuties are available at for $150.



Functional and gorgeous. Ensure that you arrive at your gate on time with a chic timepiece that works as both a statement accessory and, oh ya, it can tell time too.


Classic black and white flats for comfortable travel.

Source: Tumblr, YesMargerhitaBella

Your trip is probably not the time to break out the adorable new heels you’ve been dying to try, but if you must…

Throw on a pair of classic, but even more importantly, comfy flats in your carry-on. If you have to hustle to your connecting flight, the last thing you want is to be maneuvering through the crowds in heels.


“I can’t hear you!” Unplug from the Internet world and plug into a good audio book or the latest Beyonce album 30,000 feet in the air as you get closer and closer to your destination.

This is also a great way of subtly sending the message to that guy in seat 5B that you’re not interested in hearing about the latest deal he closed.


Casual sliders, a straw hat, Bohemian blouse and a pair of jean shorts will not only get you a few extra likes on your photos, but will likely catch the eye of a local or two.

It’s a beautIful thing when fashion and function meet.

Looking for some beauty tips as you pack? Head over to this recent post for our top picks of travel-friendly beauty must-haves!


You’ve packed all the necessities and worked that (airport) runway with your best catwalk, you boss, you, and now you’ve arrived at your destination.

If you’ve worked hard to achieve some level of healthy activity to stay fit in your day to day life, you don’t have to slouch just because you’re away from home. But maintaining your active lifestyle while traveling can seem daunting.

Consider these fun activities that will keep you healthy and on your game, even away from home.


If your destination is beachy, look for an opportunity to try SUP (stand up paddling). This is a great way to enjoy your beachy getaway but also remain active. Your balance will be tested, but unless you’re facing some serious waves, it’s a fairly moderate activity and you’ll likely stay dry.

For bonus points, consider trying SUP Yoga; here are 12 reasons to convince you.



Source: Instagram, @ContemporaryCaveWoman

It’s very likely that wherever you’re headed, there are some hiking trails. Use Instagram locations and hashtags to find a local trail, or if all else fails, try Yelp.

Not only is this a great activity that you can do with friends or family, but you’re likely to cross-paths with a local or two which can always be a fun adventure!


Easy workouts you can do anywhere.


No excuses! Even if a gym isn’t convenient, there are endless exercises you can do at a local park, in your hotel room, or just about anywhere.

Plus, here’s a really handy guide (worth pinning for later!) filled with plenty of bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere.



  1. Airport neck massage: you’ll be the most relaxed passenger on the plane.
  2. Pre-trip drinky: enjoy a glass of red on the flight over. Screaming baby sitting behind me? I can’t even hear you over my intoxicating aroma of earthy grapes.
  3. Concierge at-your-service: get your concierge to call ahead and make reservations for you at the local raved-about restaurant.
  4. Cabana-style privacy: the extra space from other tourists and attention from the staff will likely be worth the extra cost.
  5. Home, clean home: arrange to have someone clean your house for you while you’re away; there’s nothing like coming home after a long trip to have everything in its place and fresh linens in your bed.

Now go out and conquer the world you boss lady you.

If you don’t have a trip planned at the moment, and are looking for a little inspiration, cruise over to our Uplifting Getaways board on Pinterest to lose yourself in wanderlust.

And if all else fails, here is Conde Nast’s list of The Best Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resorts to really get you motivated to find your passport!


Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to conquer your next trip. Check back next week as we dive into one of the most trendy beauty treatments: microcurrent technology!

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