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While we all know that most guys are into gadgets and cool tools, it should be known that women appreciate good technology too.

One of the most buzzed-about cool technologies out there in the beauty space is microcurrent technology.


Microcurrent is a low-level, electrical current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative results when used regularly. And when used correctly, you feel little to no sensation.

Dermatologist Dr. Richard Sherman states “Microcurrent stimulates, exercises and retrains lax and atrophic facial muscles, all associated with the natural aging process.”

So it’s not surprising that this technology has been used on patients experiencing a form of nerve-paralysis, leading to atrophied, sagging facial muscles. The low-level current retrained their muscles, which is what lead to the anti-aging application for the aesthetic industry.

Now, microcurrent treatments are available in top spas and medical offices for facial contouring, toning and firming of aging skin.


Graphic demonstrating how microcurrent treatments penetrate the skin for anti-aging benefits.


Microcurrent is capable of facial stimulation, sending soft, gentle waves through the skin, tissues and down to the facial muscles.

In fact, microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production, which drives the creation of key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin.

Graphic demonstrating how ATP stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.


This increased ATP also energizes the facial muscles, similar to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies.

We’ve come to think of it as fitness for your face!

Unlike anywhere else on the body, the facial muscles are connected to the skin, so the result of energizing the muscle is often an improved, lifted appearance.

Veronica Barton-Schwartz Loves NuFACE at Home Device


Malibu esthetician Veronica Barton Schwartz, owner of Veronica Skin suggests NuFACE as your go to at home microcurrent facial device.


The NuFACE Classic device shown here was the first to the party. 

The NuFACE Classic at-home device was the first microcurrent machine available for at-home use.

Source: NuFACE

Carol Cole started her career in the 1980s as an esthetician at the famed Golden Door Spa in Southern California. Specializing in microcurrent facials, she quickly developed a loyal client list of celebrities who raved about the microcurrent machines.

Soon, Cole realized the need for a non-invasive, at-home, easy-to-use version of her microcurrent facials. And thus, the NuFACE Classic was born.

Today, the NuFACE Trinity (the newer version of the NuFACE Classic) is the only FDA-cleared, handheld multi-solution device offering a “5-minute facial lift” using microcurrent therapy.

The NuFACE Trinity is the only FDA-cleared and clinically-tested multi-solution microcurrent device available today.


And the results speak for themselves.

Improved facial contour and skin tone using the NuFACE Trinity 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 60 days.


Notice her increased lower cheek and jawline definition and lifted corner of her mouth? This 43-year old used the NuFACE Trinity for 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for only 60 days to see these results.*

It’s a facelift without surgery! No injections and no visits to the doctor needed!

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles using the NuFACE Trinity 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 60 days.


This 52-year old enjoyed wrinkle reduction and increased skin tone in just 60 days as well.*

See more incredible results using microcurrent treatments on

*The ENGAGE Clinical Study was an independent study that evaluated the efficacy of the NuFACE Trinity device with Facial Trainer attachment to improve facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction. Study participants used the NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer for just 5 minutes a day for 60 consecutive days.


There are lots of ways to get your hands on these magic little devices.

NuFACE microcurrent devices, sometimes also referred to as microcurrent machines, can be found at spas and these authorized retailers:

  • Nordstrom
  • ULTA
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Barneys

NuFACE products are available worldwide and in many additional stores in the USA, for a full list, visit NuFACE authorized resellers, and look for this label.NuFACE is conveniently located through authorized department stores, spas, physician offices, and online retailers. Please use our approved Store Locator find NuFACE in your area.


Many women and celebrities have discovered the anti-aging benefits the NuFACE facial toning devices, not to be confused with NuSkin.

Here are some celebrity fans you might know…

Esthetician to celebrities like Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen, Shani Darden recommends NuFACE.


Shani Darden has gained a reputation among Hollywood’s A-list, including BFF Jessica Alba, as the skin whisperer. As a celebrity esthetician, her clients trust her with their coveted canvases, she uses the NuFACE Trinity to help improve facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction.

Producer and musician Sean Combs has been known to indulge in a microcurrent treatment, courtesy of his esthetician, before any big event. P. Diddy knows how to get red carpet-ready!

Check out P. Diddy’s latest microcurrent treatment on his Instagram.

Comedian and actress Whitney Cummings divulged that one of her favorite airport pastimes is to use her NuFACE Trinity while on the road. Girl has got some seriously contoured cheeks, we’re not hatin’ on that!

Watch Whitney Cummings talk about how she achieved her beautifully lifted and toned skin.

Kathie Lee is a huge fan of the NuFACE Trinity facial toning device.

Source: Twitter, @KathieLGifford

After trying the NuFACE Trinity one weekend, Kathie Lee had to share her experience on the Today Show.

Watch this short clip to hear what Kathie Lee thinks of the NuFACE Trinity and microcurrent treatments.

Dr. Perricone, board-certified Dermatologist and world renowned healthy aging expert.


Dr. Perricone, board-certified Dermatologist and world renowned healthy aging expert specializes in microcurrent facials and uses these treatments at his flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York City.

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