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Adventures in Europe

NuFACE Mini at the Eiffel Tower

Europe is always a good idea.

From narrow cobblestone streets, decadent foods, sandy beaches drenched with taut bodies and people-watching of every kind there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you are traveling to Barcelona, Paris, Germany or Spain – we have some amazing places you must see!

We know you want to keep to your beauty routine in check on your vacation so we suggest packing your NuFACE Trinity or mini so your skin remains toned and lifted throughout your travels.

Tickets booked, bags are packed, Starbucks in hand and boarding your flight…. don’t forget a selfie on the plane!

Here we go…

NuFACE Mini European Travel Companion

Source: Instagram, @ElinVanAtta

En route to Saarbrucken, Germany with the NuFACE Mini

Early morning strolls in Barcelona.

Woman on the Streets of El Borne in Barcelona

Source: Instagram, @ElinVanAtta

El Borne, Barcelona.

NuFACE Mini at the Eiffel Tower

Source: Instagram, @ElinVanAtta

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Travel Brings Power and Love Back to Your Life

Monet Flower Garden, France.

Mona Lisa at The Louvre, Paris

Source: Instagram, @ElinVanAtta

Mona Lisa at The Louvre, Paris.

Life’s a journey, make the most of it.

NuFACE at San Pol de Mar, Spain

Source: Instagram, @ElinVanAtta

San Pol de Mar, Spain.


NuFACEon carry-on travel compagnin

Source: Instagram, @shesaid_hesaid

Travel experts say travel light!

No need to take your entire bathroom cabinet full of makeup, hair products and skincare. Instead, bring one or two must-have items including your NuFACE Trinity or NuFACE mini device. They are TSA-friendly and are the prettiest to pack, you can lift literally anywhere!
We’ve broken down how to travel like a boss for you. All things from packing tips, travel attire, staying fit and 5 plush perks you should try at least once, can be found this post from last month!


So you saw all of the must see landmarks, tasted the food, took a selfie at the Eiffel Tower and now you are ready to explore the untamed areas of Europe.  

We have curated a list of not-so-well-known European places to see, activities to try and delicious eateries to fill your belly;  bring a camera… you’ll want it!


Bike around Parc de Montjuic, Spain.

Capture scenic views in Amalfi, Italy.

Go Vegetarian at the Hiltl Restaurant in Zurich.

Stroll through the streets in Freiburg, Germany.

Anytime of Day, Dine at Brunch & Cake in Barcelona.

Take a boat through the canal in Annecy, France.

Europe is obviously so many places to see, food to eat, and activities to try, we could not cover a fraction of it in one blog post… but this is a great start! 


Time for the ultimate wanderlust travel inspiration from a few favorite instagram accounts! Really…what could be better?

Samantha Wong, a talented prop stylist and blogger from Hong Kong

Source: Instagram, @Samishome | Collage by

Beach, food and Travel | Lisa-Marie and Tim are a German couple, based in Milan

Source: Instagram, @Jimsandkittys | Collage by

Sara Escudero is globe trotting babe from Spain. She travels around the world with her photographer beau

Source: Instagram, @collagevintage | Collage by

Beach, Water and Sunset with blogger Elanaloo

Source: Instagram, @elanaloo

The place between arrival and departure, travel, places to go

Source: Instagram, @elsewhere | Collage By


Source: Instagram, @madewithmap | Collage By

Let's Get Wander-fully Lost

Source: Instagram, @gypsea_lust

Pink walls and blue stairs, travel instagram account mercipourladresse

Source: Instagram, @mercipourladresse | Collage By

We would love to see where you travel to! Tag us on Instagram with hashtag #NuFACETravels and share your European adventure. Or wherever your heart desires.


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