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There’s a refreshing new approach to putting your best look forward while staying completely authentic and it’s based on the timeless idea of “less is more.”

Living lighter and simplifying your life with a cleanse as a whole will help you focus on the things that really matter most. We are not talking about a juice cleanse but clearing the clutter in your life to actually be a happier version of you. Surrounding yourself with the things you love and need around you.

It’s never too late to start. Clear clutter from virtually every part of your life – not just the normal stuff that you likely already purge once a year.

Grab some friends and take the clutter cleanse challenge to live lighter. Below is the 28 day clutter cleanse challenge that you can print, pin or keep on your phone; once you sign-up, you will get daily task reminders to keep you on track and motivated!


We started this journey with the simple idea that “less is more,” but it quickly turned into a full-blown movement to investigate our choices, liberate us from negative energy, and celebrate our beautifully authentic selves.

Here’s what we discovered and a peek into our Clutter Cleanse Party!


To celebrate the launch of this movement, we kicked things off with a contest for $500 to help 3 people celebrate their new #LessStuffMoreMe victory! 

And the Live Lighter winners to receive $500 toward their Clutter Cleanse Party are…

clutter cleanse challenge winners

Source: Instagram, @Sofigali


Live Lighter Experience:

My live lighter experience has been awesome! My room is more open and minimalistic, which I love! I never really wore make up but this campaign pushed me to continue my efforts to live bare-faced and natural. Less clutter and more cleansing left more time and space for me.

Decluttering expired unused makeup and large pile of clothing for donation

Source: Instagram, @Colleen_heim

WINNER: Colleen

Live Lighter Experience:

I joined this challenge because I have realized the past few months that it is important to focus on the simple things. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lunch cancer back in February and have spent more time on the real me. I’ve been traveling and worrying less.

Minimal nail design, donation pile of clothes and accessories.

Source: Instagram, @kellierose914

WINNER: Kellie

Live Lighter Experience:

Too often we get distracted in life by the things that don’t really matter. I wanted to participate in the Live Lighter Challenge to de-junk my life of clutter and focus on what really matters. I realized when I make more time for me and less time for stuff, I was happier and healthier!

When you liberate yourself from negative energy and celebrate who you are at your core, you become more confident, happy and overall completely full in a very real and gratifying way.

Thank you to everyone that participated in sharing 28 days of decluttering!

The movement isn’t ending just because the contest is over. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram using #LessStuffMoreMe and show us how the clutter cleanse challenge is going for you as you learn to embrace living lighter.

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