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NuFACE Trinity and ELE attachment

While it can be somewhat costly to get regular facials at your favorite spa, most women know that it be oh-so worthwhile too. Whether or not you’re a regular at the local spa, you could be giving yourself amazing facials at home with microcurrent treatments using NuFACE facial toning devices.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that though many women are able to easily spot the immediate benefits of using microcurrent treatments, for some, it can be a bit tricky. So we’re here to help.


For those busy mornings when 10 minutes is literally all you have, the 5-minute facial-lift and 5-minute makeup routine can be your saving grace.

See how you can achieve contour before you contour.


  1. Prep

Start with a fresh clean face! Reach for your favorite oil-free cleanser and be sure to remove any makeup, dirt and oil.

  1. Say Cheese!

Take a before photo. This will make it much easier to see the immediate difference.

What you will need:

  • Fresh cleansed skin (which you just did)
  • Cell phone or professional camera
  • Natural lighting outside or in front of a window
  • Shoot your image straight on with your hair away from your face
  • Save your photo somewhere handy so you can refer back to it
  1. Get the App

Design your own personal microcurrent and red light therapy treatments with the NuFACE Mobile App. With the app you can:

  • Customize skincare treatments to meet your personal needs
  • Watch helpful tutorials
  • Schedule your lift sessions and get helpful reminders
  • Plus, get exclusive offers and NuFACE news first!
  1. Plenty of Primer

Applying a generous mask-like layer of the Gel Primer is the essential first step to your NuFACE  microcurrent treatment that will ensure you get your best results.

The 24K Gold Gel Primers are our most popular Gel Primer with their leave-on formula with skincare benefits and brush applicator – they’re available in both Brighten and Firm formulas depending on your primary concern (or alternate for ultimate skincare benefits!).

  1. Microcurrent Device

Grab your favorite NuFACE Trinity or mini device, the only FDA-cleared, at-home microcurrent facial toning devices that fits in the palm of your hand to provide amazing instant and long-lasting results.

Learn more about microcurrent facials if you haven’t tried it yet, you will be amazed!


Let’s get specific. We’re going to show you exactly what to look for when you lift so you know that you’re getting great results!

Glide the spheres in the direction of the arrows to the hairline until you hear the beep (5 seconds). Complete this sequence 3 times.

Now, grab your before photo and look in the mirror.

What to look for:

  • Cheekbones contoured and more defined
  • Jawline slightly chiseled
  • Apples of cheeks popping
  • Overall skin looking more lifted

Over time, results will likely increase with regular use. Check out this woman’s results in her jawline after just 60 days.

Now, let’s make those brows pop!

Place the spheres slightly above brow and glide toward hairline (5 seconds). Complete this sequence 3 times.

Let’s go back to your before picture again…

What to look for:

  • Forehead wrinkles start to appear smaller
  • Tighter and firmer skin on your forehead
  • Brows lifted or a more dramatic arch

Again, over time results should increase. Here’s an example of a woman who used the NuFACE Trinity microcurrent treatment 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 60 days. Check out the reduction in her forehead wrinkles!

If you haven’t already, check out this quick and easy video to perfect your 5-minute lift. Or for a more advanced treatment, try these optional holds for isolated delivery of microcurrent treatments that target your areas of concern.

Are you feeling more lifted yet?

We also recommend these 5 tips & tricks!

We would love to see your results! Shoot a quick after photo and share your photos with us on social. Be sure to tag @mynuface and use #mynuface when posting!

If you’re new to microcurrent facial-lifts, shop the only FDA-cleared, true at-home microcurrent facial toning devices on

Younger, tighter skin in the time it takes to put on makeup.


Next week, we’re going to explore the unique challenges and joys of beauty in your 30s. As the first in a series, we’ll dive into what specific products and treatments you should be considering for this unique time in your life. Check back soon for more info!

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