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8 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Guest Blogger: Liz

As women we are always short on time, money and space… who isn’t?

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest beauty tricks. Gather around because today we’re spilling 10 of our favorite beauty hacks guaranteed to get you looking and feeling gorgeous while getting you out the door fast.


For instance, a lip balm moonlights as a brow gel, hand cream can smooth out frizzy hair (apply to the ends only) and conditioner plays double duty as shaving cream.

1.Beauty Blender + Serum

Use your Beauty Blender to apply NuFACE Serum

Source: Instagram

Skincare serums are practically liquid gold.

They deliver powerful antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and anti-aging peptides which result in glowing and youthful skin. Put every drop to good use by applying your serum with a Beauty Blender! This will ensure you use the least amount of serum possible while achieving better results.

2.Push your root-touch up appointment one more week!

One of our favorite hair care tips is to disguise grays by dusting a powder eyeshadow along your roots! Use yellow for blondes, brown for brunettes, and a red for redheads.

Bonus tip! Your hair will also appear much thicker, especially in photographs.


3.Get more from your blow-out.

Speaking of saving time spent in the salon, extend the life of your professional blow dry with dry shampoo.

Bonus tip: apply the dry shampoo at night right before you go to bed! This will allow the product to fully absorb, and you’ll wake up with volumized, tousled locks with no white, powdery streaks in sight. We love this dry shampoo by Living Proof.

4.Glow all day!

Every busy woman should have a bottle of rose water spray at all times.

Rose water acts as both a toner and primer before applying foundation and is also a great way to freshen up your makeup look during the day without having to stop what you’re doing to re-apply!

5.The 5-Minute Facial-Lift, no appointment necessary

Microcurrent skincare treatments are all the rage, but sometimes it’s next to impossible to fit yet another appointment onto our busy calendars!

Save time by contouring and lifting at home with the 5-Minute Facial Toning Curated Collections from NuFACE. New for holiday are the Haute Contour by Shani Darden and Glam-On-The-Go by Blogger Lisa Allen – both available at incredible values.

6.The No-Fail Top Knot

Half up top knot photo

Source: Bloglovin

No time to blow-dry, flat iron, or curl your hair but still want to look chic and pulled together?

Bun, braid or topknot to the rescue.

Bonus tip: prevent your updo from falling or looking sloppy mid-day by spraying your hairpins or bobby pins with hairspray to give extra grip to hold your style in place all day long.


7.Highlighter Hack

Beauty shelfie of skincare products

Source: Instagram via, @saraheleanormason

There is no need to take up additional prized space on your #shelfie with tubes of highlighting products galore!

Enter one of our favorite makeup ideas! Mix a few drops your favorite anti-aging moisturizer with your foundation for a healthy, dewy glow that still offers optimal coverage.

8.Carry-on Compact

Are you traveling and struggling with fitting all of your beauty arsenal in a carry-on?

A great tip is to use a contact lens case (or five, no judgement) to hold single-use applications of your favorite creams, concealer, foundation or hair oils. The options are endless!

Bonus tip: use different color nail polish to label each case.

Cheers to saving time and money while looking beautiful with these 10 life saving hacks.

Sharing is caring, so we’d love to know what your favorite beauty hack is. Let us know on social media using the hashtag #MyNuFACE and we might share it too!


If you loved this post you’ll definitely want to stay tuned because we’ve got more beauty tips and tricks up our sleeve! Next week, lifestyle and beauty blogger Lisa Allen will be stopping by to share her beauty must-haves, you won’t want to miss it.

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