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Do you read reviews before you buy?

We thought you looked smart…

Since we know you want to be an educated shopper, we’ve scoured some of your favorite beauty shops online and gathered reviews for the NuFACE Trinity, mini, and skincare to show you just how much people love their results… see for yourself.


The NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning device is our bestselling microcurrent device.

NuFACE Trinity is an award-winning, multi-solution, skincare device innovatively designed with interchangeable treatment attachments to help tighten, tone and improve your skin’s appearance.

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device Review

NuFACE Trinity Reviews:

“This product was very simple to use! It had visuals of the positions to place the nodes, it beeped when you were supposed to move it to another placement, and the directions were very clear. It also allowed different strength settings (1-5), so you could go higher if you wished. Lastly, the gel is water-based, so it is very easy to remove. I used the treatment on half of my face and can see a difference after only one use!”

-Junebug via 

“Truly, all I can really say is… Wow. This device delivers. I’m 31 and thus don’t have a ton of real issues such as sagging, wrinkles, etc, so I did not anticipate a huge change in my face. I can, however, honestly say that this does everything the manufactures say it will. My complexion is smooth, bright, and appears much more toned & lifted after only two weeks of nightly use. My pores are more refined and honestly, I have been wearing absolutely zero makeup since using this. The price is high, and I debated buying this, but it’s so worth it!”

-Janeywins via 

NuFACE mini facial toning device with passport and prep-n-glow

Microcurrent facial-lifts don’t stop at just the Trinity. The travel-friendly NuFACE mini is the perfect facial-lift companion while on-the-go.

It offers the same level of microcurrent as the Trinity in a petite, portable size which consumers love! See below for even more NuFACE reviews.

NuFACE mini reviews:

“I was reluctant to buy this machine due to pricing. However, after thorough research and speaking to a representative at Sephora I was sold. They have a great 30 day return policy (even if the gel is basically all used). If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always bring it back.

I’ve only used this thing for a little less than a week and I can already tell the difference. My cheek bones are a lot higher and fuller and my face is getting more defined. I love how small and light it is, so I can use it while I watch TV. The serum that comes with it is really helpful as well. I highly suggest you try this! I am very pleased with my purchase.”

-Elichannn via 

“I bought this a few weeks ago, have been using it as advised and the results I am seeing in such short time is remarkable. I am 70, everyone says I  look 10 plus years younger, I have always taken care of my skin. I was considering fillers due to deeper lines forming around my mouth. I am not considering that now. I am very pleased and would advise any woman to try this before doing anything else.”

-Yadja via

If you are looking for even more microcurrent facial-lift reviews be sure to visit our retailer partners like Nordstrom or ULTA or

It only takes 5-minutes to add microcurrent to your everyday skincare routine. Reduced crow’s feet, lifted cheekbones, a more contoured jawline and overall toned facial features could be in your future!


The NuFACE skincare collection has been specially formulated with breakthrough ingredients that work with microcurrent technology.

NuFACE anti-aging skincare reviews

Our skincare helps to nourish, smooth and hydrate your skin before and after your microcurrent treatment. See how our customers use it in their everyday beauty routine.

“Thought I would try both the brightening and firming gel primers, and actually they both work. The firming primer has a tightening effect that lasts all day. Plus, the applicator is really easy to use around the mouth and nasal area which is part of the routine with the ELE attachment. I switch between the basic gel, the firming gel and the brightening gels throughout the week.”

-Joan via

“This is my first time using the smoother serum, so I have nothing to compare this product to, but nonetheless I love it. I noticed a difference in the smoothness and glow of my skin right away. With continued use, I see that my makeup goes on more smoothly and has more of a flawless finish. I was concerned about lines between my eyebrows and this seems to be helping.”

-RandeeB via

“I have used the 3 serum trio (nourisher, smoother, and lifter) and unlike other products which I thought were probably pretty good, maybe OK, hoped they was worth the $, these products are worth the cost, to me. They really make an immediate, visible difference and my skin seems more resilient overall (longer-term result). I can tell when I don’t us ’em!”

-Fergie via

“This aloe based Optimizing Spray is a mini facelift with additional skin nutrition. It makes the skin smoother and brightens and makes pores appear smaller. I apply it with a foundation brush before and after base makeup to help settle heavier makeup foundations and powders. This makes my skin look flawless with a glow.”

-N2Skin via

“I recently purchased the new 24K Gold Gel Primer and I must say it’s added a whole new dimension to my NuFACE microcurrent device! Not only does my skin feel like silk, this gel can be left on for further benefits after using your NuFace! It simplifies my morning routine, as well as providing additional benefits to the skin!”

-MeowserKat via

NuFACE skincare and Gel Primers can be the key to more youthful-looking skin, and for those busy mornings when 10 minutes is literally all you have to get ready, the 5-minute facial-lift and 5-minute makeup routine can be your saving grace!


Bloggers are known as industry gurus.

They get the best beauty products, share their skincare tips, and stay on top of the trends like no one else.

They are the ones you want to follow and get their beauty secrets from. Top bloggers are raving about microcurrent technology and the visible results they see instantly.

“I have noticed that my skin is more taut, my fine lines are diminished and that my skin has a noticeably lifted affect.”

“I’ve been using this particular device for a few weeks now, and it’s by far my favorite microcurrent device”

“It honestly is so easy and a quick extra five minutes to my routine that is very worth it.  I just apply the gel primer and then using upward movements move the device from my jaw up to my cheekbone and repeat three times on each side.”


Editors have discovered microcurrent and have fallen in love as well.

See what they have to say about NuFACE facial-lift machines and devices.

EDITOR-APPROVED BEAUTY Editors have discovered microcurrent and have fallen in love as well. See what they have to say about NuFACE facial-lift machines and devices.

Convinced yet?

Women all over the world have discovered the beauty benefits of microcurrent and NuFACE devices – are you next?


It’s time to evolve your skincare routine now that you are ravishing in your 50’s! Check back next week for tips on looking beautiful over 50 and specific skincare advice for your needs.

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